Brand Story


Hope you're excited to receive your KIKA product.

A lot of people have asked me why I started KIKA and how did I come up with this brand name.

So here it goes.

KIKA is a brand born during the deadly Covid wave of the Delta variant in which a lot of us experienced grief in our circle.

It was no less than hell for people who lost their immediate family members during that time and one of that unfortunate families was mine.

I lost my two very young precious souls due to this deadly virus. We were left helpless and couldn’t do anything despite having access to all the resources.

So, KIKA is a union of the names of my two precious souls for keeping them alive in our memories. So, at KIKA - We Care. We design and make our products with empathy and care.

We aim for perfection and mostly we’re able to deliver that. Sometimes, we fall short. But we get back up, listen, implement, and get better – all thanks to your trust.

We may never meet, or we may cross paths but we’d never know. And yet, I am just a click away from you.

If you need assistance with your purchased product, please write to

And if at any point you wish to reach out to me, email me at

Looking forward to your patronage as KIKA continues to grow.