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KIKA Pet Carriers

International Designs.

Made In India ❤️


Made from special hard reinforced material and soft coated.


Pet can't open the zipper from inside. Use of special anti-slip zippers.

the KIKA fam💕

  • Fast Shipping

    We Ship Worldwide.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We're not happy unless you are.

  • Exchange/Returns Available

    Hassle-free exchange/return.

  • Vocal for Local

    Proudly Made in India with 💗

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  • How do we get our start?

    Stem from the love of pets. Fueled by a passionate team, we commit to providing a high-quality life for pets.

  • What makes our products unique?

    Following the living habits and needs of every pet, we put all our zeal and thought to create distinctive pet products.

  • Why we love what we do?

    At KIKA Pets, pets always come first. Such love and passion inspire us to make the lives of pets better.

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