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KIKA Pet Carriers are your furry baby's best companion.

When you’re traveling with your cat, whether it’s just down
the road to the vet’s office or across the country, you want to keep your pet
happy and comfortable. KIKA Pet’s soft cat carriers are the perfect way to keep
your feline friend comfortable, give them enough room, and help keep them calm.
We carry soft cat carriers in many colours, types, sizes, and materials so it’s
easy to find one that is just right for you and your cat.


We know how difficult it can be to travel with pets, so we
want to make it as simple as possible for both you and your cat to get where
you need to go. Our collection of soft cat carriers can be found with many
options that are specifically made for your convenience and your cat or
kitten’s comfort, with options like:


Airline Approved

Body Cat Carriers

Collapsible Carriers

Two-Door Carriers

Soft-Sided Carrier Bags

Cat Carriers on Wheels

Designer Carriers

Cat Backpack

Dog Backpack


Carry your cat in comfort and style with deluxe soft cat
carrier bags at KIKA Pets. Shop our collection for traditional pet carriers, as
well as slings, backpacks and wearable pouches you and your cat will love.